C and C Powerline, Inc. offers a multi faceted department for overhead powerline work.  We have 40 years of experience in distribution and trasmission construction.  We have performed numerous reconductor, conversion, and new construction of distribution power lines for publicly owned Utility Companies and privately owned Power Companies.  This work consists of the installation of utility poles, hardware and equipment, and all types of conductors used in power line construction.

Our distribution equipment consists of aerial bucket trucks from 35' to 125', cranes 30 to 50 ton, digger derricks, pressure diggers and wire pulling equipment.

Our boom trucks are capable of reaching heights of 155'.  This equipment has an aerial basket for personnel.  All of our equipment is certified for insulation qualities, boom strength, and lifting capabilities.


We are experienced in transmission powerline construction.  We install all types of structures from wood poles, spun concrete poles, static poured concrete poles, steel poles and all types of tower configurations.

We also have equipment that will install and pull all types of distribution and transmission anchors.

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