A Full-Service Nationwide Electrical Contractor

C and C Power Line, Inc. is a full-service nationwide electrical contractor servicing investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, government agencies and privately owned companies.

Below Grade

We are fortunate to have knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified personnel to manage all types of underground electrical utility construction. Our underground construction crews specialize in construction in urban zones, along road crossings, and in heavily congested areas. We take great pride in our ability to perform this work with little impact on the public and their daily activities.

Our underground division performs the following scope of work activities:

  • Installation of electrical conduit and cables
  • Installation of communication conduit and cables
  • Pre-cast manholes and pour in place manholes
  • Cast in place duct bank
  • Termination and splicing of all size cables
  • Ability to terminate and splice with all types of poly and lead cables
  • Directional boring for the installation of all types of conduits

Drilled Pier Foundations

C and C Power Line, Inc. has the equipment, experience, and capability to install drilled pier foundations up to 12 feet in diameter and 100 feet in depth using the wet slurry method, rock drilling method, and dry soils.

Our major areas of focus are:


  • Drilled pier foundations for substation structures
  • Directly embedded concrete and rock backfill structures
  • Drilled pier foundations for the transmission line structures


Fiber Optics

C and C Power Line, Inc. has extensive experience in the installation of all varieties of fiber optic cable including Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) and All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS). C and C’s skilled professionals provide construction and maintenance services for communications including broadband fiber optic cable installation, wire line construction, and emergency maintenance services all across our geographical coverage area.

Fiber Optic services include:


  • String, tension & splicing of OPGW and ADSS
  • Pre-installation reel testing
  • Cable pulling
  • Trenching, backfill, and installation of underground pipe
  • OTDR and Power Meter Testing
  • Complete installation, termination, and testing of substation SCADA applications
  • Installation of splice cans and H-Brackets


C and C Power Line, Inc. has a highly skilled group of craftsmen for electrical grid power line construction. We have numerous years of experience in distribution, transmission, and fiber optic construction. We have performed numerous reconductor, conversion, and new construction of electric power lines for publicly and privately owned utility companies. These projects range from greenfield, refurbish and additions on transmission, distribution, and substation.

We are experienced and well equipped for transmission power line construction in all types of terrain. We commonly install all various types of structures from wood poles, spun concrete poles, static poured concrete poles, steel poles to lattice towers.


C and C Power Line, Inc. offers years of experience in substation additions, renovations, and maintenance. We are exceptionally accomplished in site work, foundations, control house construction and installation, and electrical installations. Additionally, we also offer equipment testing, maintenance, and a thermal test plan for our clients.

C and C has the capability of providing turn-key substation construction. We are experienced in the below and above grade installation of all sized yards. We have experience in pier, flat and spread footer foundations. We have installed all ranges of cable trench and have knowledge in press, welded and bolted buss connections.